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The Hmong Resource Center collections include more than 570 Hmong-related books, 275 Hmong-related theses and dissertations, nearly 800 Hmong-related academic journal articles, over 3,500 Hmong-related newspaper articles and 311 videos as well as 52 CDs and 32 DVDs. The library likely has the largest collection of Hmong-related theses and dissertations and journal articles of any institution in the United States. The collections also include extensive archives of issues of local Hmong newspapers dating back to the 1990s and Hmong-related articles from mainstream newspapers going back to the 1970s.



Frieberg, Christine. (1997). Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students. Populations: African American & Hmong.: Language Sample Analysis Companion Guide. 

The information in this guide should help speech and language pathologists and others who are responsible for the assessment of students from the target populations, African Americans and Hmong students in Wisconsin. The guide provides information pertaining to cultural factors influencing learning and language and recommended procedures for complete and appropriate unbiased assessment. It contains data collected as a result of language analysis samples of typically developing Hmong and African American children, noting dialectical and phonological patterns that should not be considered errors.


Portland State University's Multicultural Topics in Communications Sciences & Disorders: Hmong



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