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  • Be the first to know about events & CEU presentations put on by the API caucus.

With the dearth of research about the API community in our field, we must help the  growing research initiatives and collect resources needed in our field.



  • Support and connect and learn with other Asian Pacific Islander clinicians in our field!


  1. How much is it to become a member?​​
    It is totally FREE to become a member! 

  2. How do I become a member?
    Just  click the link and fill out the application form.  This application will help us determine your interests, your role, and how we can better serve you. 

  3. Are there different memberships?
    YES . Full Memberships will be granted to ASHA members holding a Master’s or a Doctoral degree in Communicative Sciences and Disorders (e.g., speech-language pathology, audiology) who are members of the API community or serving the API community.  Associate Memberships will be granted to individuals who are (1) currently enrolled as degree-seeking students in CSD graduate or undergraduate programs, (2) who hold Bachelor's degrees from CSD programs, (3) who are licensed to practice as assistants or comparable titles under the supervision of a licensed and ASHA certified professional, (4) who are in related positions who also work with API individuals with communication disorders.

  4. I am from another country interested or practicing in the field of CSD. Can I still become a member?
    YES!  International affiliates are strongly encouraged to apply to become members of the API caucus.  You must either hold a degree/certification in speech-language pathology and/or audiology that meets professional requirement in your country or meet at least one of the eligibility criteria of a Member or Associate Member (listed above).

  5. Can I cancel membership at any time?
    Of course!  Just email us and let us know you if you'd like to edit your email preferences or if you want to be taken off the email/membership list.

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API Speech-Language Hearing Caucus

Updated January 2018